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My Day Time Streams are canceled so you will only see me Monday - Friday at 7:30pm Eastern Time! Thank you for understanding!


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I'm Kristy Lee but most call me Mama. I am a Florida based gamer and entertainer. I have been streaming since June of 2019 and I love it!

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Rep the best with merch that can impress! Seriously click this picture because every purchase helps me out!


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Click this picture to check out my Instagram and see how basic I really am. It gets weird over here too... don't ask about the arm pit photo okay.


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We can get a bit weird. Come be weird with us and chat with the best community by clicking this picture!

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Tips are appreciated but never expected. Click this picture to spread the love!

Amazon Wish List

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This is my Amazon Wish List! It's mostly things for cos-play.

P.O. Box

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All packages are pre-opened and screened before getting to me. I also do not pick them up myself. P.O. Box 740300 Orange City FL 32774