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Hi y’allfolks (yes, I said y’allfolks)~ I’m MissMoxieFox. I’m 🧶🎨 artsy & crafty 🧵🖼 like a fox. 🦊 I’m a creative polymath who loves to explore & play.

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!new !discord !artquest !lurk !unlurk !shoutout
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Donations are in no way mandatory or necessary, but every bit you choose to donate will be put into making this stream into an even more artsy, fun place. <3 Thank you so much for helping me continue what I love doing.

Schedule 👀👀👀

~ Mondays 6 PM to 9 PM EDT ~ Wednesdays 7 PM to 10 PM EDT I do some spontaneous streams at different hours sometimes depending on what is happening on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Check the Discord to keep up with any schedule changes


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Chat Commands: !artquest ✨ This will get you the link to the Art Quest Handbook, or, you can click on the image above. A free-to-play channel point run roleplaying game that MissMoxieFox AKA Mikki hosts on Twitch every so often for folks to play with her. Accomplishing certain feats in the game rewards players with IRL artsy prizes. Prior to each season there is an enrollment period to sign up as a player. This game is run & created by a 2 person team. Mikki (our streamer) draws, animates, writes, and runs the game. Jentunes AKA Alex is the 2nd member of the team, he is Mikki’s husband, moderator of her Twitch channel, all around supportive human being, and Art Quest composer.

About Me ✨

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Hi y’all~~~ I’m a trickster~y artsy creature with many names. You can call me MissMoxieFox, Moxie, Mikki, Mik Mox the Fox, Mik, or “Hey you!” I am a creative dabbler. On stream you’re likely to catch me painting, perler beading, animating, or doing any number of arts & crafts. I’m an ✨~Imperfectionist~✨ AND an all around 🌸~playful~🌸 self taught artist. I have a beautiful dog-daughter named Heidi (often shows up on stream) & a super cool husband named Alex (does not appear in streams, but chills in chat).