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Medic Main ftw // Content Creator for @AlteredEdgeAU | Sponsored by @AustralianWarf1 | Code 'ALTEDGE' for 10% off | #RiseAdaptOvercome

About Me

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Why welcome to the dark side of Twitch Abit about me, I stream whenever I get the chance, I curse and drink - alot - and lovvve dogs. Pizza is my favourite food and I am obsessed with Harry Potter. Thanks to Darkharley_AE, Drunkaz and SGTMayhem, I have found a community that I finally fit in. Altered Edge, our australian based org. The amount of support and hardwork that goes into this org is to help streamers fulfill their dream. If you want more information or wanna pop in and say hi to the community, check out the discord below
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I always appreciate all donations but they are not necessary nor required! All donations will be used to improve the stream quality! :D
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All subs and non subs are appreciated and all Sub profits are put towards better gear and equipment to make your viewing time better :)


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Check out our line of coffee "AE GAMING BLEND" thanks to AUSTRALIAN WARFIGHTER COFFEE. Use code "ALTEDGE" for a 10% discount on your next order. Australian Warfighters Coffee is the largest Veteran-owned Military Coffee in Australia. With sales they donate all their proceeds back to Veteran and First Responder Charities, thats right not a portion or a bit the whole lot. Their mission is this, source quality coffee from around the world and create blends that you will enjoy over and over again.

AE Vixens, Discord

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We have merged! All content creators, male and female all fall under one category here at Altered Edge. Gamers. Altered Edge continues to support and grow both their content creators and a community for all to get together to have fun, chat and get it done! Click the image to join us today!


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Altered Edge has merch for AE Content Creators! Discound code: ALTEDGE to get your discount and pre-order some awesome gear. TAG your support on our Social media! #alteredegeau Make sure to share the love and support the whole AE fam by checking out everyones merch!

Apex Merch?

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Curious as to where I buy my Lifeline clothes and accessories? Wondering if there's the option for your main legend on a shirt or hoodie? Well look no further! An amazing Etsy seller has a huge variety of Apex Legends - all legends - T-shirts with custom gamer tags or names added, logos, mugs, face masks - you name it! Click on the picture up top to browse her shop and get a discount!