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THURSDAYS AT 8PM PST!! random streams whenever i feel like it!! Follow me on Twitters for a heads up for streams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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1. love thy neighbor - don't be a dingus 2. don't self promote - I'll give you a shoutout if I feel like it 3. i'm pretty wholesome, but it's still an 18+ stream 4. i'll ban/mute you if I feel like it >:3 5. i am dog
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model artist: @sleepyshib ALL pixel art and beverages: @Lurils sub alert animation: @Jackie_Fungalemote emote art: @S3APARTY, @InformalScout, @matsuthebear 3d cordo: @chao_breeder treat redeem: @Kyuppin concept and original design: @mistercordo