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Started as beating all my old Nes games that destroyed me as a kid. Do more speedrunning these days (Big 20 HOIP), but NES is NES.

Chicken of the Farm

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Link_7777 and I built a game for the 2018 NesDev competition. Unique platformer featuring frog physics! You can find the source [here](

Block Dude

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I built a port of Block Dude (the TI-83, etc calculator game) for the nes. More information [here]( and you can find the source code [here](


Donkey Kong Jr. Math - Calculate A: [1:23.64]( Dr. Mario (NES) - 0-20: [51:24]( DuckTales (NES) - Any% Easy: [7:56]( Gremlins 2: The New Batch (NES) - Any%: [8:18]( Karnov - Any%: [9:48]( Last Ninja - Any%: [9:14]( Megaman 4 - Any%: [42:00]( Metroid - 0-Boss: [15:31]( Metroid - All Bosses Deathless: [20:16]( Metroid - All Bosses: [15:16]( Metroid - Any% Deathless: [12:19]( Metroid - Any%: [10:21]( Metroid - NarpasSword: [4:46]( Ninja Crusaders - Any%: [4:55]( Pipe Dream - Game B, 15 levels: [12:45]( Pro Wrestling (NES) [10:20]( Super Mario Bros. 2 - Any%: [9:41]( Super Mario Bros. 3 - Any% (No Wrong Warp): [12:55]( The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (NES) - Any%: [4:41]( Tiny Toon Adventures - Any%: [14:33]( Vice: Project Doom - Any%: [21:06]( Asterix and the Great Rescue (Genesis) - Any%:[31:20](


I live in Massachusetts. I am a software developer. If you have any questions or feedback on my tools, projects, feel free to ping me or ask in chat. I have a [discord]( for following any ongoing NES related dev projects. Special thanks to [Gromfalloon]( for the bird emote!

Speedrun Summary

I wrote a tool or two to pull data into your twitch info. You can generate the panel markdown whenever you want [HERE]( or, if your usernames match on both sites, I have a panel that will always be up to date [HERE]( (it's installed above)


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Wrote a nes game/tool rom for testing mash speed. Hopefully get a leaderboard on soon. Download game [here]( and code is [here](


Don't donate unless you want me to improve something about my stream with it or want me to spend a little time on a technical feature (like the speed run summary script or MashyMashy update)! [Donate!]( I can't believe I even have any donations, but turns out the internet is an incredible place. Top donators: Grom $6.00