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Herro~ Names Miyu, I am ur Lovecraftian Horror of de Void, older then all things, nice to meet yew~ 6 years Running!


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Hey lil Horrors~ HBO Max is available to stream today! Enjoy new shows like the new house of dragons and euphoria! Please subscribe using my link! Must use code on DESKTOP to count for me! I appreciate you lots if ya can help! Click the image or Copy this link to be redirected to sign up!
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~ We now have MERCH!! ~ Stickers ~ Phone cases ~ Mugs ~ Shirts

Rules and such

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1. Please don't spam. 2. Respect. Please respect the streamer, mods and other viewers. 3. Do not advertise without permission. 4. Do not spoil any games or give unwanted critiques in the stream! 5. Have fun and make yourself at home here in dis World of the uncertainties~ UwU


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Pssst....Herro~ i sees yew eyeing dat "Donations?". If yew like to feed meh yew can by clicking me or copy dis link~ <3 <3 wuv ur face lots~ <3


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Yes we finally have a discord to house all de lil Horrors~ <3 I now have a [vtubie]( page!