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Sub to help support if you like! <3 Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you can link with Twitch to get a free 30 day sub with Twitch prime. Also, my emotes are cool ;)
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CLICK IMAGE TO [DONATE!]( ❀If you support my channel and want to tip me, feel free to! And leave me a sweet message. Tips are appreciated! They help me so much. No tips are re-funded. Any messages sent in donation may be played in-stream.❀ *DON'T BE INNAPROPRIATE!


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Click image! Please let me know if you've donated, as I don't have alerts for this. *You can put your Twitch username in "Full Name" field.

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっPO BOX (Unbox them on stream)

To: Mizzy PO BOX 25170, MISSION PO KELOWNA, BC V1W3Y7 **PLEASE leave a note with your username so I know who its from :) Contents will be double checked before the mail is forwarded to me. Please include your return address just in case if I am unable to receive the parcel. Your info will be confidential/removed off (hidden) the box prior to an unboxing stream. Anything inappropriate will not be shown/opened. -No food items please (Not my personal address)

Use the Blerp extension to play soundbites on stream with bits! (Cheers)

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My nickname is Mizzy. As you'll see I am a very chill person. I live in BC, Canada (Based near Vancouver). I love cats and of course my adorable lil doggy Tamashi! Anyways I am 23 years old (B-day Sept 8th) and I am somewhat socially awkward. I like being asked questions and having a great time! Oh and snacks make me happy. I also believe in Aliens 👽🛸


My schedule is currently a bit wack lately. Just turn on your notifications! I post on Twitter when I am live too.
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Wishlist**PLEASE leave a note with your username so I know who its from :)

Out-of-this-world music!!

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Space-man's music is out of this world! He writes and performs space (sometimes electronic) instrumental music. I have permission to be playing his music publicly. Check out his Twitch channel and info below!! ⬇️ Spacemanlive [TWITCH]( Help support Space-man's Patreon to get special access to his tracks, and more! [SPACE-MAN PATREON](


-Don't be inappropriate/rude -NO discrimination against anyone -Have fun! -English only in chat
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Bodypainter! - Yes body painting is allowed on Twitch. Type !TOS in my chat for links. - Please respect what I do and look at it as art because it is something I quite enjoy doing. I spend a lot of time on body painting. Please checkout my works on my [Instagram!](


Prices are in CAD with approx tax included. I currently only accept donation money to buy items myself for security reasons! Please specify if the money is for one of these items!! Thank you <3 +Professional camera (Sony a7?) $3000 CAD Approx +More body paint colors: $15 Approx each color


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+ PC: Colorful igame RTX 3070 (Nvidia), Ryzen 9 3900x, Asus Prime X570 Pro mobo, GAMEMAX RGB 750 PSU, Deepcool Gammaxx L360 V2 cooling, Corsair vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB + Mic: Shure SM7B/ Boom arm: Rode PSA1/Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface/Cloudlifter/2 XLR Cables + Headset: Steelseries Arctis 7 **OTHERS** + Elgato Capture card + Aorus 7 Gaming Laptop + Logitech C922 Camera + Neewer 18 Inch Ring Light + Neewer LED Soft box Lighting


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(Music from these artists are played on stream. I have **personally** been granted permission.) [MAIN PLAYLIST PLAYED]( [Heres a spotify playlist]( **CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING ARTISTS!** **MYSTXRIVL** [Spotify]( [Soundcloud]( [Instagram]( **ENJOII** [Spotify]( [Soundcloud]( [Instagram]( **SKELER** [Spotify]( [Soundcloud]( [Instagram]( **SPEECHLESS** [Spotify]( [Soundcloud]( [Instagram]( [Speechless Playlist]( *If any artist hears their music being played on my stream, feel free to email me and I will help promote your social medias here!


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Another way to help support me and even hold onto some of your own MIZZY Coin! Thinking of adding some rewards in the future!


Nothing inappropriate please. Any spam messages will be blocked. Business ONLY. -Email has been removed for personal safety. If you get any emails claiming to be me asking for free stuff, please ignore, I do not do that. Please contact my business Twitter [@MizzyContact] (