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Top osu! player streams occasionally. Requests are always welcome I tend to play them most of the time. I will most likely only stream osu! other games who knows, maybe. Be sure to stick around for the Outro to try and guess my Accuracy for a chance at 1 month supporter!


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RULES: 1 Very Simple Rule, Avoid mentioning other players I truly don't care take it somewhere else. Why Mshake - Nickname because my cursor tends to shake alot because I am actually shaking. REQUESTS? - Yes you can always request I might play it depending on how im feeling but I do tend to play a lot of them. Chihuahua? - Because they shake. I am Chihuahua. Why is your Spacebar off? - I use my thumb to support my index finger to singletap and there isn't enough room under my index finger with it on. (I use the M and N keys.) Why is HD suk? - Huck FD My Name? - was easy to type because bottom right and top left of keyboard and 22 is above the W

Top 10 Cutest Doges

1. huggableduckling - $175.00 2. Sut_son - $94.92 3. Tokyo - $85.00 4. LoveWithAnimal - $81.38 5. Herpo - $70.00 6. ToastersPlease - $52.01 7. Sithlord - $52.00 8. MSpare22 - $51.00 9. Rainy_Day__ - $50.00 10. Ekital - $50.00