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I'm a nerd.

Short Simple Direct Rules:

1.) Don't be racist. 2.) If you're going to be a [troll](, be funny. 3.) If you're under 18 ([mentally](*2KtqUnkUy6WCYTYXkmUyhw.jpeg) or [physically]( you MUST leave. You may be exposed to [critical thinking]( techniques and dangerous concepts, like [skepticism]( and [scientific method]( These are considered [dangerous]( and [evil]( thoughts by certain [thought-crime prevention organizations]( [Heresy]( against their Divinely Drunken Order of [Squares]( 4.) [Respect]( is a reciprocal relationship. ===================== These rules have been abridged to make compliance accessible to people with ADHD, ASD, OCD and Severe Anxiety Disorders (SAD). Now they are simple enough, short enough, and direct enough... that I no longer have to carry the burden of anyone else's action or inaction.


1.) It's okay to be a fan of Nilaus. It's none of My Business. Don't Make It My Business. I'd like to Mind My Own Business. Anyone minding Nilaus' Business ...Here... should also Mind Their Own Business. Get The Hell Out Of Here. 2.) If you want to play Factorio... play Factorio. Maybe go check out [Dune__]( he's the only Factorio streamer I can watch. Stop being a [memeoid]( 3.) Don't be a Social Justice [Junta]( 4.) [Irony]( can sometimes be funny. Usually it's not funny. Moderate yourself.

Discord, because the dark-lord demands it.

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^THAT'S A BUTTON^ click it and join me in voice chat. Hop on voice and say something, maybe you'll make a new friend... and maybe you'll make my feeble attempts at streaming bearable to witness. ;) ============================ _,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-, [The World Changing Steam Group]( _,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-,_,-*'*-, ============================ Because anyone who sets their mind to it can change the freakin' world.


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^that's the donation button now^ I won't ask you for money, but I won't turn it down either. If you're just a generally generous person looking for more places to dump your money, here are some of my favorite streamers that I wish I could donate more to than just this little bit of space on my page: [CaptainRoBear](

Do you even stream, bruh?

Feel free to "spoil" and "backseat" all you want... stories can't be spoiled for me anyway. After reading thousands of books, I can assure you there really are only five stories and seven ways to tell them. It seems to me that obliging others to protect my ignorance while also actively encouraging them to participate in my experience is every definition of "irony" at the same time. If I wanted to ensure that my personal private experience of something was unspoiled by others, I would not attempt to have that experience publicly while engaging an audience. It makes absolutely no sense to do things that way. None. Zero. I would very much like for the "no spoilers" meme to just die. Help me kill it. As a form of ignorance-worship, it's the strongest vein of anti-intellectualism still feeding the tumescent growth of willful ignorance that holds humanity back from responsible self-governance and willfully directed efforts. THE TIME AND PLACE I'm often told that there is a time and place for my favorite subjects of discussion... this is always followed by "...and this isn't it." So... since this is my time and place, as long as you're not a hate-mongering psychopath... this is the time and place. Politics, religion, frustrations with a subculture... let it out. No violating the terms of service, obviously... and don't be surprised if I and others disagree with you. But, within reason, I would like this to be the time and place for anyone to be able to speak freely (even if I vociferously disagree with them). We can be very different and still treat each other with respect, right? We're adults that are responsible for our own personal behaviors and only our own personal behaviors, right? I don't need you to be my clone in order to be in my presence... you don't need that from me either, right? We good?

This is a space reserved for things.

This space is reserved for things. Probably things I find to be irrelevant... so it may end up being a pretty big space as I find most things to be irrelevant. Here, I'll start a list of irrelevant things: 1. Everyone else's opinion 2. Cellphones 3. "Normal" 4. What someone else is doing. 5. Your favorite _____. <fill in the blank> 6. How your day was. 7. The News. 8. The World. 9. Popularity. 10. Television. 11. Radio. 12. The Internet. 13. The latest conspiracy theories. 14. Superstitious mumbo-jumbo. <like your religion> 15. Cellphones. <it's worth repeating> 16. Why you can't _____. <fill in the blank> 17. ...and so on. Get the idea? No? Figures.


Some sound effects provided by [zapsplat]( Music currently provided by: [Pretzel Rocks]( Or perhaps sometimes [Spotify]( No permission is given to record or produce this stream. Any assumed permissions and liberties taken with recording and production are the sole responsibility of the parties doing so. For further legal concerns please contact my attorney: [Vermin Supreme](