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moastreams streams Monster Hunter: World, Nocturne and Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.


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You can donate if you want, there is no obligation to do so obviously.


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If you enjoy my streams, then subscribe to me on YouTube where I do Let's Plays and other various gaming related things.

Chat Rules

I don't have many rules but I want to make some to make sure no one is overly annoyed in my chat. 1. Be kind to each other. 2. Trolling is allowed, but being too extreme will result in a timeout or ban if necessary. 3. Spamming will be punished, text walls or links to anything inappropriate will be removed and banned ASAP. That's all for now, I'll add more rules as I see fit. So please respect the rules, and we can all have a good time. If you wish to be unbanned, PM me on Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube with your username, and we shall discuss your unbanning.


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If you want to get updates or see me rant sometimes, then follow me on Twitter. I always tweet when I will stream, or when I upload a video.

Skype Information

I only give my Skype name out to people I know fairly well or trust. Though if I am playing a game you are very knowledgeable about, and you help me along. I may ask to have you in the call to make the information receiving easier for everyone. Asking for my username or adding me randomly will get you nothing.