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Hello, I'm Trevor, I used to be part of a Youtube Group, now I work as a Cinematic Designer, but I still dip my toes in Content Creation


1. Do you still talk to whomever? • Probably yes, but does it matter? 2. Can we talk about Cow Chop? • It's been talked about a thousand times, so please no, just let me breath 3. What do you do now? • I'm a Cinematic Designer 4. Where do you live now? • I'm always moving, it doesn't matter 5. How did you lose weight? • I did nothing special, Google counting calories 6. Are you tired of this joke? • After hearing the same thing over and over, it's a little tiring yeah 7. Do you ever play with viewers? • No. 8. Do you have a schedule? • I hope one day I will : ) 9. What are the rules for chat? • Do not be edgy, respect others, have fun! 9. EpicSMP? • Matt conceived the idea, drunk, on New Years, and after that I helped him set up the server and now the journey has ended, it is concluded.
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