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Names Faith or moliminous I play vidya games, be sure to sub to my YouTube channel. We mainly Play FPS games such as halo, CoD and CS:GO ! Hope you enjoy the show kiddies!

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if you're dum- generous enough to want to give me your hard earned money then please do so. just don't lewd me fam.

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go buy some shirts!

Dumb Common Questions!

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**Whats is thou name!?** * It's Faith ***** **Where Are You From?** * China, probably, everything's made there. ***** **Favorite pony?** * Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, Adagio,Tempest... I'm a waifu slut. ***** **Are you Using Facerig?** * No I'm not, face rig just can't do everything i need it to do. i use a series of complicated programs. ***** **Who makes the models?** * A lot are started by Spartan-743 and edited by me if needed.