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Whats up Fam?! Welcome to the pride! we swear we laugh and we have fun and we protect our own, like my page, my content hit that follow to find me again! Full time mom and gamer and streamer as well as proud member of SPG aka ShadowPackGaming! Taken by the one and only CasuallyTrashy 😍🥰❤

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Whats up cubs?! this is a link to the amazing Shadow Pack Gaming Merch! It has ALL of the pack members merch in this one link! make sure to check it out!!!

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Wanna come meet the pack and hang out in our community discord? then hit the link and join us!

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this is a direct link to my merch, dont be afraid to check it out!!! once you get the latest and hottest merch be sure to DM me a pick of you rocking it like a pro!

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Come join the pride where we are a community and a family, we are small but still growing like most families do but you are more then welcome to come join our growing family. so hit that link, pop in and say hi and show support when you can to your fellow family members. see you soon!


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hey! what's up everyone? I'm MommaLion94 aka Momma, I'm a up and coming variety streamer that loves to meet new people all over the world, I am a 90's baby, I have 2 children, a boy and a girl and with a amazing man who also streams and games the one and only CasuallyTrashy and we are both part of SPG aka Shadow Pack Gaming, be sure to check out the rest of the team, have a question about SPG just ask! ❤ I stream from 8:30-9pm EST till about 12am or 1am. I'm located in Upstate NY and no not New York City lol, like the community? Don't forget to hit that follow button to find us again!


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hey ya'll so this is the link to my facebook if you wanna talk to me off stream on there then click that link


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1.) This is a 18+ stream due to adult humor and language. NO KIDS. 2.) RESPECT yourself and others in my channel, this is a place where its nothing but good times and good vibes. 3.) There will be no talk of politics, religion or race. This is NEUTRAL ground where EVERYONE is welcome. 4.) There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying or hate, Joking is ok but keep in mind, there is ALWAYS a line, DO NOT cross it. 5.) Do Not make threats, ALL threats will be taken seriously and handled, this includes threatening others or yourself. 6.) NO SPAMMING!!! Do not spam, this is repetitive words, symbols, emotes or sentence. 7.) DO NOT share yours or anyone else P.I. (personal information) without permission or consent. 8.) NO AGE TALK!!! If you are a minor, please leave my channel my content is NOT for you. 9.) NO HARRASING me or others. sexual, emotional or verbal is absolutely no allowed! AGAIN jokes are one thing but STOP means STOP. 10.) Last but certainly not least and most importantly...Have FUN!!!