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Male English Cyberpunk Vtuber, Momoiro Kohi. Artist, Live2D enthusiast, If i stream on twitch its most likely Live2D rigging streams

About me

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Hello ! I'm Momoiro Kohi, an English Cyberpunk Vtuber ! I build other vtubers ! You can call me Momo, or Kohi ! I do Live2D rigging streams on twitch and gaming on my [YouTube]( Channel, so do check me out on both ! 👾 Hashtags 👾 Live streams : #MoKoHesLive Memes : #Koheehee Art / Fanart : #MoKoheArt ❌Model Credits❌ Model Artist and Rigger : Myself

My Socials

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Follow me on twitter ! Its where I'm most active ! [Twitter]( Please consider subscribing to my Youtube aswell, its where I'll mainly stream games ! [YouTube]( Want to support me ? : [Thank you !](

Live2D Enquiries

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**Commissions are currently closed until 2022 !** Please send me a DM over at [Twitter]( for any questions regarding Live2D commissions If you have any questions about Live2D itself then its fine to ask on stream and ill try my best to answer it !

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MyVT is short for Malaysian Vtubers, or Vtubers from Malaysia, this is a public server where most of us gather in and everyone is welcomed to join and interact with each other !