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I suck at games. But games are suppose to be fun. What makes them more fun is people to share the experience with.


If you came here for professional game play, you came to the wrong place. Expect raging, failures, stupidity for the sake of amusement, save scumming, experimenting, and wiki surfing. I enjoy doing variety streaming. I strongly encourage chat interaction even if you know nothing about the game. My mind bounces around alot so expect me to rapid fire off different topics and not stick to one for long. A fair warning, I am not for those that get easily offended or defensive. I will talk about very controversial things and will not always have the most widely accepted views.


I am pretty relaxed with rules. I'm not anal about backseating, spoilers, or even what I call trollseating (trolling disguise as trying to be helpful) so long as it won't hurt me too much. I may Rage at you but unless I explicitly say I am serious, don't take it serious. My only thing with backseating is don't be like "you have to do A, now do B, now C..." I appreciate the enthusiasm, but it feels like an insult to my intelligence. Let me struggle a bit at least, its part of the fun of gaming. Tips, Tricks, Lore, even different play styles are not only welcomed, but encouraged.


Depends on what game is requested and when the requestor is available.