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Just a Monk trying to make it.

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Follow my Twitter if you wanna keep up with me and my stuff :) please respect the fact that it's my personal space where I post what I want.
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I'm just a Monk tryna make it out here. Don't really talk about myself much, ask me anything as long as you're respectful.
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We vibe :)


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Tips are absolutely not necessary but they help me in more ways than you can imagine, I appreciate you very much <3 (Sorry for any inconvenience but tips are non-refundable)
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I'm very hungry if you wanna be kind and send food sometime

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PLEASE SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS My profile picture done by: My emotes and badges done by none other than:
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CPU: Intel Core i7-10700k GPU: RTX 3060ti Motherboard: Z590 AORUS PRO AX Ram: 32GB DDR4