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Soulsborne enjoyer and a wannabe bedroom musician. Mostly doing speedruns but also some variety streams from time to time.


I mostly speedrun Dark Souls. I've also speedrun a few other games. I might also do some variety once in a while or whip out the guitar for some music streams. Right now I'm trying to stream several times a week depending how I feel. Not necessarily every day. Channel sub emotes made by [Caranraug]( ##General schedule: >No Schedule
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I also play in a melodic deathmetal band. If you want to check it out, here's some useful links: >[Latest MV (tribute to Silent Hill series)]( >[Spotify]( >[Facebook]( >[Instagram]( >[Youtube](

Speedrun Personal Bests

###Dark Souls >**Any% (BKGS late 2014 route):** 52:03 IGT >**All Bosses (Mail Draker):** 1:14:15 IGT ****** ###Dark Souls Remastered >**All Bosses (Crapplemage):** 1:10:15 IGT ****** ###Silent Hill 2 >**NG+ (Dog Ending):** 44:42 IGT ********* ###Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers >**NTSC Any%:** 55:23 RTA (WR) ********** ##Quake >**Any%:** 18:49 RTA ***** ###The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind >**Any%:** 6:01 RTA ***** ###The Stalin Subway: The Red Veil >**Any%:** 17:33 RTA

Useful Links

>[SpeedSouls]( (Dark Souls speedrun wiki) >[Tech Specs]( (for people who like tech specs) >[Backloggery]( (my game collection) >[FrankerFaceZ]( (extra emotes & features) #Social >[Twitter]( >[Facebook]( >[Instagram]( >[Youtube (Stream Highlights)]( >[Youtube (Music Related Stuff)](