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In the world of Monster Hunter, I am very bored.......

About me

Hey Welcome to the Stream. Thanks for checking out my small corner of the webs. While I'm no Stranger to the internet I am new to this other side of the Twitchverse. Stick around and lets grow and make mistakes together!! Long time Monster Hunter player I enjoy my fare share of Action, RPG and Puzzle games. Though you'll likely only see me on Monster Hunter till I get my feet wet with all the nuances of streaming. Feel free to ask away but here are some of the "common" about me stuff: How old are you? 34 Where do you live? California When are you live? Working on a Schedule Can we play together? If we I own the game and theres online Play, Sure why not! Do you know PewDiePie? No, No I do not... How Long have you been playing Monster Hunter? Since 2004 or 2005. I started with the first Monster Hunter on the PS2. Can we do Safi? Get in here! What do you stream on? PC, its a learning curve

Stream Rules

Stream Rules: -No; Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Discrimination, Racial or Derogatory slurs of any kind. -I prefer to keep things PG, so Cursing is highly discouraged in my chat Thank you! -Links are disabled to protect from inappropriate material. Ask permission before posting links in chat. -Self promo and or Back seat Streaming wont work out for you here. -The Golden Rule, Treat others the way you would like to be treated... aka Don't be a Jerk.