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New REAL LIFE CYCLING STREAM DONATION GOAL! Watch this video here: A long time ARPG streamer turned cyclist,lost over 60kgs,quit smoking and is now conducting a healthy lifestyle. In Oct' 2019 I was 151kg big,and through daily exercise, change of diet,and massive milage accumulated via cycling,I managed to get to the healthy weight of 90kgs. In January 2021 I crashed on the bike and suffered massive damage to the skull,jaw,my hearing and bruised all over my body,and now am in recovery,since the crash I gained about 9kgs. Because I am still very passionate about streaming and because I wanted to get back in shape,and not give up the progress I've made since I started my life change,I bought an indoor trainer(Direto Elite) and connected my road bike (2018 Trek Emonda) to it. Now the plan is to Zwift daily,get back in shape and get back to 300-400 km weekly capacity that I had before the accident. I also moved to a new apartment,got a new job,and also very sad to say this but lost my father,just about a week after the bike crash. It has been very tumultuous times for me,the past few months. We've been LIVE ON TWITCH since December of 2012. In hopes of many more years and miles to come. Thanks for all your support <3 AMA and never forget to stay in touch following me on Twitter on YouTube, where I post regular updates, even when I'm not regularly streaming. One last thing: If you are going to donate,it is better if you directly contribute through the link here, and NOT with bits, there's no reason to do otherwise, and to give Twitch a cut from your contribution on top of everything else. And also, Twitch won't allow Streamlabs to merge donations and bits towards the donation goal bar on screen, which means when you donate with bits the donation goal bar will not show progress. Bits donated to real life cycling stream gear so far: 25$ worth.

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PC Specs

Processor - Intel Core i7 4790k 4GHz Motherboard - Z97 Pro Gaming ASUS GPU - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Hard Drive (1) SSD Samsung 850 Pro 250GB (2) 1TB Toshiba Sata SSD Hybrid 2x Kingstone Hyper X Fury 8GB 1600MHz

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