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I'm here to have fun, Stream on any game I feel is fun to watch and fun to play.

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I'm just here as a slightly competitive gamer, I like to play seriously (I'm new to this whole PC thing) VR Games are definitely a big up for me. Automobilista and Assetto Corsa, Maybe iRacing will be a big part of this channel in the upcoming year or 2. VRChat is going to be my main focus for the start. If you want to know anything about me feel free to ask in chat! I will not answer if it is too personal though ^-^ One thing you will come to learn about me is I like to try to make everyone happy, I may get a bit annoying getting in everyone's faces but I find it my sole purpose to make people happy, Whether it's through being silly or making them feel comfortable it's just something i love doing! Here is my Discord, I can't think of anywhere else to put it and I don't wanna make it's own title...
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i7 8700k RTX3070Ti Z370 Chipset 32gb RAM 256 SSD 2TB HDD
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Feel free to donate if you wanna support the stream, Donations would be going towards getting myself a new SIM Wheel for racing. The people who made all of this possible: