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Et tu, Brute? I stream casually and play whatever I feel like at the moment. I prefer to hang out and play games for the first time on stream. I’m often silly.

About Me

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My name or Mr. Popinski (Mr. Pop for short) and I am a casual streamer. I stream direct from my console so I like to refer to myself as a fake streamer. That being said....I think Twitch is a lot of fun and a great way to chat with other people passionate about the junk I like. I prefer to do first playthroughs on stream and enjoy some company while doing so. Thanks for stopping by!

Wackadoo Wrestling

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In addition to my regular programming of playing video games, I also stream the WACKADOO WRESTLING FEDERATION. Wackadoo Wrestling is a silly collection of 100 characters I created on WWE 2k16. I try to space out the streams so it does not get too stale. My biggest streams are Wackadoo Wrestling Special Events which often feature rumbles, title matches, and gift card giveaways! Be sure to catch the action! Current Champions: Antarctic Champion: The Living Grape Garage Champion: Kibble Cooperation Champions: Team Canadoom