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Since you're here hello. Name is Bill, I enjoy Survival style games. Sometimes dark, sometimes silly but always entertaining. Welcome and thanks for hanging out!!

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I've always enjoyed playing games and said why not share that with others? Just remember I'm glad you stopped by to say hello and to be honest, that's bigger to me than any title I've buried my time into. Thanks!

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Please note that I have VERY generously been granted permission to use the Audio file. If you enjoy it, please check out: This Track is Nuclear Winter ALWAYS ASK AN ARTIST FOR PERMISSION IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON USING THEIR WORK.
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Post Random stuff, Memes, PC setups, Promote your stream, Post art and just anything random. Thanks Guys !!!!
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No set Schedule, Follow for notifications. Maybe in the future we will nail something down.


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I really enjoy streaming, I really enjoy the side scroll banter more than anything. That said if you want to help support the stream, that's your call. The intention of collecting tips would be to put back into the stream and help support fellow streamers and their respective projects. Donations/subs/bits are full circle for the communities I am engaged with. All tips are final.
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I add most if not all the funny clips to twitter, give me a follow today! Thanks
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Imagine anything Deep into survival games
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NEW BUILD:WE'RE BACK! MOTHERBOARD: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX CPU: RYZEN 3700X RAM: TEAM T FORCE DDR4 3200 GPU: MSI 2070 Super Mic: Audio Technica 2020 XLR interface: Behringer Others: Elgato Stream Deck