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Speedruns! Mega Man! Zelda 1 Randomizer! Mario! Maybe random other games! Either way we ought to have fun.

You Tube!

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My PBs and some other interesting streams get exported to YouTube. You can find the channel here!

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Discord! Nothing much happening here, but I post stream notifications, and you get those sweet emotes in discord. Might also talk about how bad sports team is doing or d20 is rolling

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Check out the Mega Man Leaderboards for all PBs Mega Man! Leaderboards

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If you would rather give support through Patreon, there's a page here for that! There's not much here, that doesn't point back to this page, but I will try to update incentives there from time to time.

Direct Stream Tips/Donations

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(StreamElements) Nobody's required to give anything to watch here, but some people ask about helping out. The $ Tank leads to a streamlabs tip page. Currently all money made from the stream goes towards Little Cab's college fund.

Stream Info

I stream mostly Mega Man, Mario, and occasional Zelda speedruns. Maybe some Zelda 1 Randomizer too. If you look at the link you'll see I play a little bit of everything. The goal is to have fun right? The stream schedule is a bit "as possible" at the moment, usually after 9 PM US Eastern Time most weeknights, and Sunday noon-3ish Sunday Afternoons. Streams will be tweeted and announced in discord. (Beyond that, I'm a fan of the Tales Of series, and try to get the occasional long RPG set of streams in)
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* @MrCab_SRL * [](

To Do List

I've started tracking games I need to catch up on. Things I purchased and never really set a baseline time in or otherwise cleared going back to 2010 or so. [The To Do List]( I'm not looking for perfect accuracy with the list, this is a fun side project.


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Credit for mrcab5Makethecall, mrcab5Fist, mrcab5Cmon, mrcab5Jokes, and mrcab5Hand goes to [The Great BaronHaynes ]( . He also made a lot of the Robot Master FrankerfaceZ emotes out there! Sub badge credit goes to [Rezephae]( . She also did the layout work (even if I made things worse on my own)

What Is The Bagel Cage?

Two bagels enter, four slices leave. Bagels are generally delicious and if you are able, you should have them. An everything bagel. Probably with Lox. Toasted.

Games That Don't Exist

The following games are not recognized as actually existing * Mega Man X7 (Clearly the 7th game in the X series is "Command Mission") * Final Fantasy 13 * Zelda: Skyward Sword * Tales of Symphonia 2 * Star Fox Adventure * Metroid: Other M