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mrcurse12 streams Dead by Daylight, Hearthstone and Apex Legends.

About Me

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I'm just a game enthusiast recently out of a job who wants to connect with people and provide them with delicious content. They call me Curse because playing against me is bad news, I have disciples but Twitch prefers to call them my followers. If you want to be on the winning side follow or subscribe. As a gamer I really enjoy FPS games but have been dabbling more into RPG/ Action games. I love any and all games that allow me to play with viewers If you want to see me try a game I'm not too picky. Join Mr. Curse in The Cult and i'll make your life a little better not worst.

My Discord Channel: The Cult of Curse

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Click the Chungus and join the Discord to get update, memes, and more. Currently looking for a good twitch emote to use for my subs. So if you have any suggestions or just want to hang out with the community once your leader has gone to sleep drop on by and drink the Kool Aid.

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By donating to the Cult you help keep a streamer alive and support all Cult activities that go towards spreading the word of Gene. Click Above to Donate <3

Games Completed on Stream

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Rime Dreaming Sarah Seeker Pikuniku Her Story It's Hard to Build a Good Snowman