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Streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II with 3 viewers

MrFreakinRican streams Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Talk Shows & Podcasts and VALORANT.


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My game clips

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If you're interested is some tourneys like Rocket League, Apex and want to have fun doing so then look no further. By clicking my link it uses my code and takes you to get the information you need to easily sign up and register.


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I'm a Chicago born and raised OG Puerto Rican who resides in Cali now that loves playing BR games like Apex but enjoys interactions with viewers to make someone laugh or smile. I stay 100 at all times and don't ever change on anyone. Come hangout and positive vibe with me and my community and let's grow and have fun together.


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ššØššš«š-MSI B450 Gaming Max Pro š‚šš”-š‘š²š³šžš§ 9 šŸ‘šŸ•šŸŽšŸŽš± š†š©š®-š‘š“š—šŸšŸŽšŸ”šŸŽ š‘ššš¦-šŸ‘šŸš†š š“šØš°šžš«-š‘š¢š¬šžš š„šØš° šŒšØš§š¢š­šØš«š¬-šŸšŸ• LG Wide 75hz 27 AOC curved 165hz Alienware 27' 240hz šŠšžš²š›šØššš«š-Logitech G915 TKL šŒšØš®š¬šž-Logitech G502 Lightspeed š’š­š«šžššš¦ šƒšžšœš¤ šŒš¢šœ-š†šØš—š„š« š°š¢š­š” Shure sm7b HyperXCloud Earbuds š‚ššš¦-š‹šØš š¢š“šžšœš” šŸšŸŽ80p-Aluratek1080


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A place to chill and relax just for gaming channels for gamers


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šƒšØš§'š­ š­š«ššš¬š” š­ššš„š¤ š¦š² š¦šØšš¬-š•šˆšš¬ šØš« ššš§š² šØš­š”šžš« šŸšØš„š„šØš°šžš«š¬. ššØ š‡š€š“š„ š­ššš„š¤ šØšŸ ššš§š² š¬šØš«š­ šŸšØš« š­š”šžš«šž š¢š¬ š§šØ š­šØš„šžš«ššš§šœšž šŸšØš« š¢š­. š’šØ š›šž šœšØšØš„


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It is not necessary but well appreciated if you decide to donate. All donations will be put towards stream for better content. And there is no refunds. Thank You for your support.