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Last live 5 months ago

Doing my part to make the internet a little bit sillier! Animation, art and messing with strangers fuel this crazy train! !MM

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I’m part of a team of streamers with a focus centered around community. Each streamer is unique and brings their own special flare to the group; however, the communities they’ve built is what brings us all together. Streaming is about these communities, building friendships with viewers and seeing them as the person they are versus a number to further a goal. Mischief Managers finds streamers with this same mentality, people who care more about the community they’re building than the game they’re playing, and connects their communities to one another. A viewer watching one stream will find the same welcoming community from another member of the team. (
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No racism, sexism or any type of hate speech Show respect to everyone, especially moderators and myself Don't ask to be a MOD 3 warnings equal a permanent ban. DONT BE A DICK IF YOU TRY TO GUILT ME, you will get perma banned, don't ask repeatedly or spam invites No self promotion! If I watch you, I'll shout you out.
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