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Hey! I’m Madi 👋! I like to sing 🎶, Make crafts🎨, Cook🥗, Do improv🃏 and play games of all kinds🎲. Check about my ‘About Me’ section and join my Discord Server:


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My shows!

# Cooking 👩‍🍳 - viewers have described me as “Martha Stewart meets Ellen”. Watch me fumble my way through the kitchen, making delicious mistakes! - suggest recipes, and we can cook together! # KIDS crafts & Random DIY 🤹‍♀️ - crystal growing rocks, origami, finger painting galore! - add items to my Amazon wishlist and see if I can figure them out 🕵️‍♀️ # Cat Cam - watch my adorable cat lounge lazily on the couch, zoom under rugs like a roomba, or play with toys for hours on end - lets be honest, wipple is the real star here, and this is her hour! # Commentary 👩‍💻 - watch me react to youtube videos :D # Improv with friends 🃏 - a fake radio interview show! # Twitch Sings 🎙 - I practice singing and acting monologues in my soundproof closet Thanks for watching! 💖 # About me - I currently work in Audiobook Narration, and am seeking a career in acting, theatre, improve, and singing! - I try to spend my money on Arts and Crafts or activities for the channel- if you want to see more cool stuff on the channel, consider supporting me below: - [Youtube]( - [Instagram]( - [my website!](