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Hi, I'm Mth! (he/him) ✨ I'm an LGBTQIA+ Variety Streamer from the Northwest United States! 🏔️ I play a wide selection of games here on my channel, but you can expect lots of Action/Adventure, RPG, Platformer, and Retro titles! 🎮 Currently on a mental health hiatus, love you all. 🤍

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### I play a variety of video games, **both old & new**! To give you a better idea of what I enjoy, here are a few of my favorite titles and/or series: + *Kingdom Hearts* + *Super Mario* + *Celeste* + *NieR: Automata* + *What Remains of Edith Finch* + *Katamari Damacy* + *Fallout* + *Assassin's Creed* + *Nancy Drew: Interactive Series* And here are the games I've played on stream: + *Super Mario Sunshine* + *Luigi's Mansion* + *Super Mario 64* + *Banjo-Kazooie* + *LOZ: The Wind Waker* + *Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars* + *Cuphead* + *Super Mario Maker* + *Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age* + *Super Mario Bros.* + *Super Mario Bros. 2* + *Super Mario Bros. 3* + *Super Mario 3D World* + *Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories* + *Super Mario 64 DS* + *Super Mario Party* + *Banjo-Tooie* + *Kingdom Hearts* + *Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories* + *Kingdom Hearts II* + *Shadow of the Tomb Raider* + *Spyro: Reignited Trilogy* + *Super Smash Bros. Ultimate* + *Katamari Damacy* + *Dark Souls: Remastered* + *Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin* + *Dark Souls III* + *Bloodborne* + *A Hat in Time* + *Nancy Drew: Interactive Series (33 out of 33)* + *Demon's Souls* + *Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice* + *Portal* + *Stardew Valley* + *Super Mario 64 (Randomizer)* + *Pokémon Snap* + *Old School Runescape* + *Layers of Fear* + *Diddy Kong Racing* + *Celeste* + *Hollow Knight* + *Super Mario Bros. 3 (Crowd Control)* + *Final Fantasy VII* + *Super Mario Maker 2* + *GRIS* + *Supraland* + *Assassin’s Creed Odyssey* + *FINAL FANTASY XIV Online* + *Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep* + *A Short Hike* + *Ori and the Blind Forest* + *Dark Souls: Remastered (Randomizer)* + *Code Vein* + *Untitled Goose Game* + *Donkey Kong Country* + *Super Mario 3D All-Stars* + *SOMA* + *Little Nightmares* + *We Love Katamari*
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### The above panel links through to my Twitter! If you'd like to see how much I adore Kingdom Hearts, or maybe you're just interested in the occasional selfie or two, feel free to keep up-to-date with me there!
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### The above panel links through for any donations! Donations are in no way expected, but any and all contributions are beyond appreciated. Your support means the world to me!