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Game for the fun of it. It's that simple.

About me

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You're watching the wrong person. Diablo 2 is my go to. We'll see how D4 pans out. Used to play a ton of Destiny 1 and 2 but I'm most likely done with that game. Otherwise I play whatever my alcoholic a** wants.

Stream Rules

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No spoilers! You may have beaten the game but not everyone has! No advertising other streams or websites unless I say otherwise.

Schedule and Setup

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I don't stream on a schedule. I do this just to hang out every now and then. I typically stream degen hours (Murican timezones). Check out my recommended streamers if you want more dedicated streamers. Got variety gamers and a buddy that does cool ASMR/VTube stuff. Typically stream on xbox or my potato 8001 pc (pc stuff is rare since it's on it's last leg)

Another way to support

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Added the tip button (banner above) incase anyone is being generous and wants to support me even further. I do NOT expect tips and value views just as much as tips. Do not feel like tipping is the only way to support my channel.