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Extremely Humble and Famous twitcher, I had 1 million+ followers but my account got hacked, :( and lost every single follower (jk obv) (Mainly Overwatch, Paladins and Pokemon Player!)


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Greetings gamers! I’m Gerardo you can call me [Gera, Gerass or Multi] I’m representing Texas BABY! Mostly and overwatch gamer but it does always vary from here on. Looking forward to growing this community and meet some new peeps! For now I play on PS4 but soon enough I’ll be on PC!


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Instagram! Twitter! Discord!


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- Zero Tolerance to Homophobia, Transphobia and any Discrimination in that sort. - Zero Tolerance to racist acts. - We may curse however, do NOT attack anyone personally - Hype Spamming allowed (til an extent) - English and Spanish are fine to use. - No promotion - you MUST HAVE FUN !