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Beyond Chaos CE

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Beyond Chaos CE is a randomizer managed by many members of the Beyond Chaos community out of the original code from Abyssonym's Beyond Chaos. It is a program that remixes game content for FF6. Every time you run Beyond Chaos, it will generate a completely unique, brand-new mod of FF6 for you to challenge and explore. There are over 10 billion different possible randomizations! Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, and more. Click on the image to get sucked in.

BC Bingo Commands

!hi - Greetings from Skynet. !bcbingo - Get Basic Info on Play. !help - Provides basic help on Commands. !bcb current - See who would win with their current guesses. !bcb guess - See your current guesses. !bingo xx - Guess a bingo line for this segment. No takebacksies. !miab xx - Guess a number of MiaBs for this segment. No takebacksies. !deaths xx - Guess a number of times I will die this segment. No takebacksies.

What is BC Bingo here?

BC Bingo is a game centered around the Beyond Chaos randomizer that is heavily influenced by _gyre's Final Fantasy Bingo, just structured differently. Because the game is so long, and the list of things you can see is so vast, I have structured the game into 7 different segments - each with a unique list of things that can generate on a bingo card. The segments are divided as follows: Segment 1 - Start of the Game through End of the Opera House Segment 2 - Start of the Southern Continent through crashing the Airship Segment 3 - Crashing the Airship through the End of the World Segment 4 - Begining of the World of Ruin through the Falcon Takeoff Segment 5 - Control of the Falcon through 6 Side-Quests (More on that below) Segment 6 - End of the 6th Side-Quest through to Bingo Segment 7 - Kefka's Tower through to End of the Game Rules: I may not use save states. I may not continue to the next segment until I have obtained a bingo for the segment I am currently in. If I do, it is an automatic run over by disqualification. In Segment 6, once I have obtained a bingo, I must stop all side-questing and immediately begin Kefka's Tower. The goal is to eventually have an interactive portion of the stream where people can guess things like number of times I'll die in a segment, number of MiaBs in a segment, and which line will get a bingo. The Side-Quests in the World of Ruin are as follows: Mt. Zozo (Obtaining Cyan) Caves of Narshe (Obtaining Mog and Defeating Tritoch) Yeti's Lair (Defeating Umaro) Underground Stratum (Obtaining Odin) Owzer's Mansion (Defeating Chadarnook) Mobliz (Defeating Phunbaba) Ebott's Rock (Defeating Hiidon) Gogo's Lair (Obtaining Gogo) Cave on the Vedlt (Defeating SrBehemoth) Cyan's Dream (Defeating Wrexsoul) Phoenix Cave (Obtaining Locke/Phoenix) Fanatic's Tower (Defeating L.255 Magic)

Beyond Chaos: Permadeath Challenge

Current Restrictions: No Paladin Shields, No Ultima, and Randombosses ***What is Permadeath?:*** It means that when you see the game over screen, or forfeit, you stop playing and generate a new randomized seed to play from the beginning. We do not look at the spoiler log. In the event of a glitch or softlock, a ruling can be made to restart the seed from its last save file. ***PERSONAL BEST*** - The actual best. Beat the whole thing. I played using Wait/Battle Speed 6. On the way I got every character, every Esper, (I chose not to upgrade Odin to Raiden) completed every side-quest, and beat every boss. My level average was 35.8 I did this on Abyssonym's v64 release of Beyond Chaos in 2018.