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After the Four Job Fiesta, there are a few things in the works. - DarkSlash88 - the Winner of the most recent Garbage Day - has requested I play "The Panda Prince" and I have, unfortunately, said yes. - After the Panda Prince, I'll be playing Crystal Project. - If there are other games that you would like to see me play, do not hesitate to suggest them.

FF4: Free Enterprise

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Free Enterprise is a WONDERFUL randomizer for Final Fantasy 4 made by b0ardface and assisted by a bunch of other people. A very compact experience of Final Fantasy 4, this randomizer offers a highly customizable play experience. The picture above links to the website where you can read up on the functions and changes of the randomizer, join the Discord server, and make and play your first seeds. Weekly community races with top-tier commentary, as well as constant async races allow you to test your skills against a variety of players, and experience ways of playing you never thought of before. Drop a follow to https://www.twitch.tv/freeenterprise and watch the races!

Beyond Chaos CE

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Beyond Chaos CE is a randomizer managed by many members of the Beyond Chaos community out of the original code from Abyssonym's Beyond Chaos. It is a program that remixes game content for FF6. Every time you run Beyond Chaos, it will generate a completely unique, brand-new mod of FF6 for you to challenge and explore. There are over 10 billion different possible randomizations! Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, and more. Click on the image to get sucked in.

Beyond Chaos: Permadeath Challenge

Current Restrictions: No Paladin Shields, No Ultima, and Randombosses ***What is Permadeath?:*** It means that when you see the game over screen, or forfeit, you stop playing and generate a new randomized seed to play from the beginning. We do not look at the spoiler log. In the event of a glitch or softlock, a ruling can be made to restart the seed from its last save file. ***PERSONAL BEST*** - The actual best. Beat the whole thing. I played using Wait/Battle Speed 6. On the way I got every character, every Esper, (I chose not to upgrade Odin to Raiden) completed every side-quest, and beat every boss. My level average was 35.8 I did this on Abyssonym's v64 release of Beyond Chaos in 2018.

Chrono Trigger: Eternal Nightmare

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This is a randomizer for Chrono Trigger that is made by Abyssonym - the same person who created the Beyond Chaos randomizer. The Eternal Nightmare Randomizer is the same style as the Beyond Chaos Randomizer, but a touch more conservative with its randomization. When creating a seed, you also have the option to turn up or down the "intensity" (From 0.1 to 1.0) of the randomization, giving the player a little more control over how zany the seed will be. (Default is 0.5) The image above links to the GitHub for this project. Click on the link and start waking yourself up from the nightmare!

Any% / No Elixir Glitch Runs

Some things to note about the run: - I use a SLIGHTLY increased randomization to "0.7" (Standard is 0.5) - The route allows for skips and de-equip glitch. - The Elixir glitch uses the auto-revive effect of the GreenDream to allow the player to target an enemy with an Elixir. If the enemy has over a certain number of HP, the Elixir overflows the enemy's HP and it one-shots the enemy. This is the only glitch that is disallowed. - The basic route mirrors a lot of the "No LSS" speedrun of vanilla Chrono Trigger. - PB Time is 4:52:04 - My goal time is to get under 4h30m. It's... going to be tough.