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I'm Markus, 29, and a Nintendo variety streamer with a passion for randos, rom hacks, races, and challenge runs. Got an EE degree, and currently streaming full time :)

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I post some stream highlights and various things I make to youtube! Here's a [clips channel]( for this stream. If you want to suggest clips for it, post it in the clips chat in the discord :) I also post my vods to a [second channel](, to immortalize them forever. Title background made by: [Linneus](


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[Join our discord!]( The discord is a great way to connect with the community, even when I'm not streaming! I also post in there when I go live. I'm also currently trying to gain discord partnership! Joining and chatting really helps with this, but so does just joining and reading some channels like the stream announcements if you're shy :) There's places in there to share your own stuff too~ Art drawn by: [Marzi](


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Get some cool merch and support me a bit. Let me know if you have any suggestions for more!


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[Donate if you wanna]( (obligatory no refunds <3) As an added bonus, you can suggest a channel point reward you'd like in your donation message. If it's at least 1 US dollar per 1,000 channel points, I'll consider redeeming it! So, for example, if you donated at least 10 dollars, you could also suggest an Otamatone Riff redeem. If you'd like to see the Amazon wish list for the stream, you can click [here!]( Art done by: [rosedoodle](


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Follow me on Twitter @Murkus_ for my dumb tweets and inside jokes you won't understand but will think are funny anyway. I'll also post here when I go live. Art made by: [LongMantis](