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Heyo! Murphy is the name! I'm a little creature here to play games and struggle for your entertainment! I try to do variety, but sometimes i get set on playing my favorite games!

Commands :)

!twitter !discord !pronouns !throne
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Drew me Art? Make sure i see it by tagging it #MurphArt or #MurphyTuberArt ! (by Vtuber_Jackie on twitter!)

Chat Rules!

- Be kind and Be respectful! - Absolutely NO transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. jokes allowed! If it is a genuine misunderstanding you will get a timeout and a warning. If it is malicious you get banned. - Do not be mean to other streamers! - Try and avoid sending links! Clips are fine, but anything else may get you timed out. - Avoid spamming chat! This means to space out your comments and try not to send too many too fast. - Please do not ask if you can join! I will say on stream when/ if I'm playing with viewers! - Have fun!! 💖
Stream avatars by @soft_jules Most of my music on stream comes from twitch-safe Lofi playlists on youtube! Like Lofi-Girl <3
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I Really appreciate your support!! TYSM!!💖✨💖 pls note that donations are non-refundable and you are donating under the agreement that you will not issue a chargeback!
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