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Hi :) I'm a trans girl who speedruns somewhat well. You can call me clair, or Mutants, or Abyss, or MutantsAbyss, or some variation of that. Please don't be mean to anyone is all I really ask. Other than that, you can really do whatever you want :P
I stream on my alt account a lot too. It's pretty much the same as this except I usually don't use mic


Super Mario 64 - 120 Star: 1:52:36 Super Mario Galaxy - 120 Star: 5:31:45 Super Mario Sunshine - 120 Shine: 3:12:31 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 242 Star: 9:07:26 Super Mario 602: 20:18:30 1545 Team Relay: 43:02:18 1545 Team Relay (2P w/ zacharylawrence): 49:36:59 Other PBs: