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-- Streams will be sporadic for a while. Check my Twitter for updates. --I speedrun Final Fantasy games in English and Japanese. I play other competitive games occasionally as well. He/him


Hi, I'm Mythik. I speedrun here, primarily Final Fantasy games. I also play Starcraft, Quake, Melee, and PM, though I rarely stream them on this channel. This is a very lurk-friendly stream. I do not have follower alerts, so if you are someone who likes to lurk, you can follow if you like and I will not call you out by name (I usually just say "Thanks for the follow" without naming the person). Pickles are the worst.

Completed speedruns and PBs

[My profile]( Marathons: [Final Fantasy IX (Japanese) @ FF Series Relay 6 (race vs. Ayymart and Bombom) - 9:22:56]( [Final Fantasy IX (English) @ Really Really Long-a-Thon 2020 (race vs. Starcrawl) - 9:27:15]( PBs: - Final Fantasy IX - [Any% (PSX, Japanese) in "8:49:21"]( [Any% (PSX, English) in 8:50:48]( [All Bosses (PSX, English) in 16:39:14]( - Final Fantasy XII - [Any% (PS2, English) in 7:23:11]( [All Hunts (PS2, English) in 21:25:58]( - Final Fantasy XIII - [Any% (PC) in 5:03:20]( [Any% (Xbox 360) in 5:33:41]( [Plat% (PC) in 17:51:38]( - Final Fantasy VIII - [Any% (PSX, Japanese) in 9:40:04]( - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - [Any% (PC, FPSFix) in 2:55:30]( - Final Fantasy VII - [New Game+ (PC) in 1:55:02]( - Pokemon Colosseum - [Any% (Wii, English, ISO Loader) in 5:24:10](

Consoles and streaming gear

Input display: Made by @ihaveonebigeye on Twitter Input display PS2 skin: ttv/Egggdar made it Japanese PS2: SCPH-90000 English PS2: SCPH-90001 Wii Wii U Switch SD capture card: GVUSB-2 HD capture card: Elgato HD60-S Upscaler: RetroTink-5X

General FAQ

Why is your webcam off? - Sometimes it crashes. Sometimes I'm eating food during a long speedrun. Sometimes I just want to turn it off. I'll turn it back on. You're playing the JP version, so you must like anime, right? - No, sorry. Why is your room so dark? - I am a mushroom How old are you? - I'm 27. Where do you live? - Somewhere on the west coast of the US. What's your IRL name? - Just call me Mythik, please. Why are you playing the Japanese version of (insert game here)? - In Final Fantasy games, I'm playing the JP version because I find it more fun. In some cases, the JP version of the game is significantly cheaper than an English copy. Can you read/speak Korean? - I can read a good amount of Korean. I can speak some, but my pronunciation is very bad, so I don't. Can you read/speak Japanese? - I can read Katakana and some Kanji. I can't read Hiragana. I can't speak Japanese. You really like Asian languages, are you Asian? (yes I've been asked this before) - No. Why are you missing a front tooth? - I had an accident as a kid and American dental surgery is extremely expensive. I don't really mind jokes about it, but if you're going to insult me about it, PayPal me USD $5,000 first. Are you ever gonna speedrun (insert game I did a run(s) of here) again? - Maybe. Check my "Current goals" panel to see if it's high on my priority list.

Chat rules

I'm pretty easygoing about most things, but there's some things you should keep in mind. If you break any of these rules I'll warn you, but after that I will likely just ban you. - Don't break Twitch TOS. self-explanatory. - Sexual topics/references: don't make me put you in horny jail. If you say anything sexual about underage videogame characters (under 18) I will ban you. - Sensitive topics (politics/religion/current events) I'll talk about this stuff lightly, but if this stuff is all you want to talk about you should probably just watch Hasan or Destiny instead.

Current goals

These are in order, so if you're asking me "why haven't you run X game in a while?" this is probably why. - kinda just doing whatever I want rn

PC Gear

Keyboard: KBD75v2 w/ NK cream switches Mouse: Glorious Model O Mousepad: Glorious Helios XL Mic: Shure MV7 Case: Thermaltake Core X9 Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming X570 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X PSU: Corsair AX860 GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 FE HSF: Corsair H100i AIO


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