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#Hi lovely to meet you! I'm Mayor Nadine (nuhdeen) and contrary to popular belief, I am not a dinosaur. It is my pleasure to welcome you all here for cozy times and occasional chaos because...that's life! I hope you enjoy your stay :) Here are my [other socials]( if you'd like to keep up with me elsewhere! In case you're wondering, I'd be a triceratops :)
#RULES: ☆ Viewer discretion is advised. Certain content/things I say is not for younger audiences. ☆ Any form of hate or bigotry is not tolerated or welcome here. ☆ Don't be weird / inappropriate. ☆ No self-promo or links. ☆ Bans are permanent, so B E H A V E or get booted. ☆ HAVE A LOVELY FUN TIME!