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Hello I'm NamikoHoshi but you can call me, Nami. I'm from a webtoon in the making as a star idol in training. Although I'm a variety streamer in the mean time. Hope you enjoy your stay here, sit back and relax.

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My name is Namiko, but you can call me 'Nami'. -LORE- "I'm from a web toon series that is still in the making. I am an ordinary student that always tries to achieve the best due to the strict upbringing by my mother. But one day, I met someone who changed my life and I got to be who I truly wanted to be.......but how long can I hide this secret from my mother....." luckily my creator was able to bring me to life here by making a contract with a Cat Maid, I wont question it though.


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-Harassment, threats, and hate speech of ANY kind will not be tolerated. Even if you say you're joking. -Any DM's will be answered after stream. -Do not ask about other streamers and if I will be playing with them. -Don't back seat unless I ask for help -do not post links -Please keep the chat on topic. No spamming, trauma dumping, instigating drama, or discussion of controversial topics. Keep 1 on 1 conversations in DMs Breaking the rules first time will be timed out, second will be banned.

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Any tips are appreciated but only do so if you're able to, tips will go towards stream assets and my cats. by tipping you agree not to charge back. [Tip](

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Plushies: [@Jay_rkgk]( GIFtuber artist: [@Maid_Albi]( Live2D: [@Gyu]( Chibi model:[@0x4682B4]( Yippee Model: [@Kurrimomo]( pfp by: [@charlot]( Stream Overlays and Screens: [@sunokivt]( Stream Offline scene: [@Kurrimomo]( Shooting stars stinger: [@emmysotis]( Namikohoshi Stinger: [@Albireo_bayer]( Emotes: [DashOmiWo](https://www. [@suulore]( [@Shymral]( [@Albi]( [@Kurrimomo]( [@elliecatvt](


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