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Last live last year

I like cute stuff and I rage a lot... what more do you need in your life? (Currently on break until next year! see you then...) ❤

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**Hey! Nana here, Pronounced "Nah-Nah" known as xSiindee (Name change) ♡** I've been gaming since like 8? or even younger lol although I'm not great at it i still enjoy playing! xD i like having a good time so that's all that matters! i talk a lot too.. anyway, i love anything, cute, pink and pixel ♡ I hope you stop by my stream and say hi. i love making new friends! Trying to break out of my shyness, so i stream in hopes of that (:
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I just want a positive community i dont expect you to be perfect just reasonable and the basics i mean cmon lol ✨**NO Racism** ✨**Be kind to other viewers** ✨**Respect my Mods**
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**Im a variety Streamer/Youtuber So i play all types of games!** I love anything thats super cute, food related, farming, pixel and character customizing. I Also enjoy shooters and sometimes SOMETIMES scary xD **some of the games i play on my channel as of now!** ♥ Fall Guys ♥ Demon Souls ♥ Dead By Daylight ♥ Monster Hunter **Games i wanna play either Stream or Youtube Soon!** ♡Little Nightmares 1 and 2 ♡Stardew Valley ❣️**Keep a look out if you're interested!**❣️