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Heyo~ I'm Nashikamii. I usually go by Nashi and sometimes Kami. Feel free to call me either or. I’m a winged cat and tend to wander around. My pronouns are She/Her and currently, I don’t have a stream schedule. Strims will be spontaneous so be on the lookout?

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Hewwo! Welcome to the colony! Hope you can rest your paws here with us for a little bit before you continue on your journey. I haven’t officially started to stream yet, but I’ll probably be streaming art and a few games. I’m not sure what games yet but do puzzles count?
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My overlays are created from a background I found then edited and customized. MO Model: Link to the specific base I’m using: Stinger Transition: Spvwvky || Stream Alerts: Spvwvky || Emotes: Mossie || Assets: Writing Board: Table, Ipad, Laptop, Cat:
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-> Keep Chat in English. -> Be Respectful. Don't harass others or spam. -> Listen to the Mods. -> No backseating and keep spoilers to a minimum. I’m terrible at gaming and will most likely ask for help, but please wait until I ask.