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Are the games hard, or am I bad? The world may never know.

Chat Rules

Keep the chat in english. I am a smoothbrain that only knows one language. Don't be a dick. Be respectful of everyone. DS2 is good.

Games I've streamed so far

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Dark Souls Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls 3 Elden Ring Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Halo MCC Halo Infinite King's Field: The Ancient City Little Nightmares Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Monster Hunter World Nine Sols Nioh Nioh 2 Noita Outriders (on hiatus until it isn't broken) Sekiro Silent Hill 2 Shovel Knight Thymesia Unsighted

Who am I?

My name is Nick, I'm just a dude that wants to hang out and play games, and maybe brighten someone's day if I can. I've been a casual gamer for as long as I can remember, and a casual bassist from the age of 17, and I just want to share my experiences with the things that bring me joy with anyone who's willing to partake.

Staggered Hope 2022

Panel Content
StaggeredHope is a team of streamers and other content creators who raise money for charity. For the entire month of December, we will be raising money for The LGBT+ Center, aka The Center Orlando. This Florida-based organization currently has two locations in Orange and Osceola counties and aims to promote and empower the LGBT+ community and its allies through information, education, advocacy, and support. They offer several programs and resources at no cost to the community ranging from sexual and mental health to social support and advocacy. The 2022 team includes: [StaggeredOak]( [AdaraPlays]( [BlackTieMayhem]( [Brananarama]( [Bri_Glide]( [DawnOfKillz]( [flissfloss86]( [GhostDogVG]( [Goober316]( [kev_died]( [naymie47]( [TeachPlays]( [thebaejae]( [ToddyJae]( [tuvowo]( With Special Thanks to: [BrianLahey]( [Kyle_Glide]( 100% of channel proceeds for the month will go directly to The Center