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New Challenger Approaching is a non-profit corporation that focuses on becoming a bridge to assist young and upcoming talent through eSports.

About us

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We are a fighting game community made for gamer and by gamers. Our goal is to setup a environment to bring up some of the best competitors in the game of their choice! Located in Auburn, AL We Host fighting game tournaments once a month and do solo streams 3 times a week!


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Monday: OFF Tuesday: Still Late with Negaman & Kittaro 6:30 PM Central Wednesday: OFF Thursday: Ryusuke's Corner with the Squad 7:00 PM Central Friday: OFF Saturday: Retro Krush with NCA Scouter Sunday: OFF

Nca's Core

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These are the team members who usually help run the stream: 1. Negaman 2. Kittaro 3. Shomyi 4. Ryusuke

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