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Just a simple housecat... that sometimes cosplays human anime characters


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Animegao Kigurumi is a form of immersive cosplay and performance art using masks and costumes to as accurately portray anime characters in the real world. The concept of Animegao (Anime-Face) Kigurumi (full coverage costumes) was adopted by cosplayers in Japan based off live-action stage show performances of popular animated television series-- and similar to what is seen at Theme-park stage shows like those at Disney. The use of a full bodysuit and mask allows the Kigurumi cosplayer to achieve the appearance of an animated character as close as possible. When the performer is playing the part of a human anime character they wear a flesh coloured Zentai/Hadatai (bodysuit) to reduce the detail and tonal qualities of real skin to mimic the look colour of an animated character. The mask obviously creates anime-like facial features and proportions Kigurumi performers generally will not speak as the mask muffles their voice so it is difficult to hear them, but more importantly because most performers cannot mimic the voice of the characters accurately which would cause the “magic” of the performance to be lost. For the same reason they will never unmask in public (so please don’t ask).

About me..

Um. What is there to say? I'm a housecat (most of the time) and the reason I'm here is probably becasue I'm bored at the moment. There are only so many things you can knock off counters and shelves before it starts to get old you know. So, like you, I'm just hanging out and looking for interesting people to chat with. So say "Hi", feel free to ask questions but please don't be rude.... And don't try to troll too hard -- remember I'm a cat which means I probably DGAF what you are thinking most of the time. ~ Mew! =(^.^)=


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The Litter Box

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DM me if you really really want to join the Discord

Ride The Pig Studios

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Ride the Pig Studios - Maker of Custom Animegao Kigurumi Masks

Kara Starr's Channel

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Kara is the person that introduced me to this insanity. Go check out her channel and her million dollar smile.


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This is here only becasue several people have suggested I put a link up. Please dont feel obliged in any way to donate anything, I'm just really happy you are here just chatting with me. If you do donate please accept my heartfelt thanks for your generosity. I promise I will put it to good use, either to improve this stream or to a charity in need.


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