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I’m just here to inspire. May the force be with you. FPS streamer mostly

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PC Specs

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NZXT H710 Black/Red Ryzen 9 3950x NZXT X53 240mm AIO ASUS TUF X570 32GB DDR4-3200 RGB RTX 2070 Super 1TB SPA60NVME SSD 1000W EVGA G+ GOLD PSU Elgato 4k60 Pro Capture Card Themaltake RGB Fans RGB LED Strips Monitors VG278 (1920x1080@165Hz) ZOWIE RL LCD (1920x1080@60Hz) Keyboard & Mouse Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse


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Schedule: Sunday-Monday 12PM-2AM all times are Eastern Standard Time U.S and are just estimates of the times I will start/stop this does not mean I won't stream sooner then the time given or later than the time given follow me on twitter for updates as to when I go live.


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Follow me on Twitter for live updates as well. Also for exclusive info on what I'm doing


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Donations are always welcome, But never required. if you feel you want to help support my stream other than hitting follow button, feel free to hit this link and become an instant Favorite This is protection to the streamer, for the tip being received. By clicking on the Tip with Paypal button and completing the transaction you hereby certify you are the rightful owner of the funds being donated in this transaction and cannot be withdrawn / charged back. We have a 100% no refund policy, only donate if you have the money to donate and the money is yours. Thanks!


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NO SPAMMING No links without my permission Everyone has their own opinion please respect it. And be respectful to everyone else Do not ask to be a mod I mod whoever I see fit best way just be active in chat and be here as much as possible.

About Me

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How old are you? currently 24. What games do you stream? I am a retired Competitive Call of Duty player trying to make a name for myself in Apex Legends. So you'll see a lot of Apex. And the occasional Tekken 7, Brawhalla, Elden Ring, Among Us, Genshin Impact, Lost Ark, Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny, Super People, & Phasmophobia Where are you from? Born and raised in Prince George's County Maryland, USA Favorite color? Blue. How long have you been gaming? I honestly cant remember but ever since I was young I'll say around 5-6. How long have you been a competitive CoD player? Basically 8-9 years. Since the middle of Black Ops 2 I played league play then when Ghosts came out I started taking it way more serious doing UMG's, GB's Twitter tournaments etc. Do you rage a lot? Yes and no sometimes I rage just for fun other times I rage because I am actually upset lol idk man I just rage get over it. Any other questions feel free to ask in the chat enjoy the stream chill and have fun peace


First 24 Hour Stream: February 23rd 2019 1k Followers: June 12th 2019 First 4k/20 in Apex February 28th 2022

My YouTube

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Please Subscribe to my youtube if you'd like to see any videos I make or just want to support me even more while I'm not streaming.


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Follow me on instagram for live updates @NephilimFPS