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I'm a gamer who enjoys just about all types of games! I love trying new things and just going all in! Dive in or get out! xD Love you guys!!!

Donations -For making the stream better!-

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There will be weekly Donation goals! When weekly goals are reached there will be special streams on Saturday! The person who donates the most gets to decide what happens with those! What game What theme so on and so forth! Just have fun with it <3


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Think I'm hungry and wanna feed me? Well, now you can! Just click here and order some treats for Nerdy!

Basic Schedule

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#Streaming Here at [NerdcakeTV]( Monday: 7pm-11+pm CST Tuesday: Off Wednesday- 7:30pm-11+pm CST Thursday: off Friday: 7pm-11pm+ CST Saturday: Random Sunday: OFF Please, make sure to follow me here to catch all my streams, and on Twitter to be notified! Don't forget to join the discord as well to be even more updated!


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Twitter: NerdcakeTV Insta: NerdcakeTV

A little about me

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Hello! I'm Nerdcake. I'm a stay at home Mom. I love playing all sorts of games. So on this channel you'll see a variety. I like to try new games! If there is something you'd like to see me play don't be afraid to suggest it to me in a message or in the chat. I'll look up the game and decide whether or not It's something I'm interested in. More than likely I'll try it before I stream and then go from there! :) I do mostly play Overwatch right now but I really do hop to other games. Hope this helps you understand my channel even just a little bit! If you enjoy watching my stream don't be shy and just follow along!

Come join our Discord!

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come hang out, chat, be fun and friendly! We love new people and random people! I hope you enjoy yourselves!!! <3

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My official Merch store! Go get you some so you can show your support Proudly!! Everything is set at minimum price available!

Miss me?

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Come Follow me Now! [MyTwitter](

Nerdy's Wish List

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Not really sure how this whole thing works but I see it on everyone else's so I figured why not jump on board! If I end up getting the Let's go eevee set I WILL BE STREAMING THAT!


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If anyone is streaming or interested in streaming, Seriously use Stream Labs. It's easier to get things set up and everything you could possibly need for streaming is right here!