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Nerdy Laser Mama that makes craft supplies and fandom gifts for weirdos everywhere. I've got an office full of fun machines including several lasers and 3d printers, and they're all kinda fun to why not sure that? 😍

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Just a nerdy christian mama that runs a small crafty shop and games in her free time. I got a room full of machines that are all pretty relaxing to watch, and we could all use something chill these days. Come in, sit back, relax, and thanks for hanging out! ** Overlay and graphics by me. :p Emotes by Fiknight and me. <3
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* Don't be a jerk. Plain and simple. * Keep it as clean as possible. My kid watches sometimes. :p * Let's leave politics alone... * No spamming! Please and thank you!
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Here are my various social media links/names! :) [Discord]( [Instagram]( [Twitter]( PSN: Sylihra Steam: Sylihra