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Lazy wolf lady with a passion for floristry and the soul of a centenarian.

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Welcome to my channel! GENERAL Q&A: - What kind of games do you play? I try to keep things as varied as possible by playing lots of different things. So you can expect a lot of different games when coming here! - What do I call you? You can call me Nerine or Neri, for short! - How old are you? I am currently in my mid 20's but I have the soul of a 75 year old. (Please be patient with me.) - Where does your username come from? From the flower Nerine, also known as the spider lily. There's no hidden meaning behind it, it's just a flower I like. - Didn't this channel use to have another name? Yes, this channel has re-branded due to personal reasons. If that bothers you, you are more than welcome to leave. Thank you for your time!
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These are the wonderful and talented people that created my avatar and emotes. Please consider following and supporting them on their platforms! ママ/LIVE 2D: おもちチャウダー emotes: kumabooty
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Being a single mother to a rowdy bunny is surprisingly tiresome. Tips of any size are greatly appreciated! Tips are always appreciated but never necessary, therefore please only donate if you are comfortably able to do so financially as they are not refundable. Thank you!