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JRPGs! Speedrunning! Often both!

About Me

Hello and welcome to my stream! I currently speedrun FFVII, FFIV/FF4FE, and FFL2. For my casual runs I'm currently playing through a FFIX run with 2 other friends (depending on availability). I love playing many types of games but JRPGs are my favourites and the genre I'm best at. I'm horrifically bad at platformers and FPSs but love to play both so you're in for a treat if I'm ever streaming those! :D

Chat Rules

Please respect and follow all rules. Everyone is just trying to have a good time but I want this to be an accessible and comfortable chat for everyone so any of these rules that are broken will lead to an insta-ban no warnings or questions asked: 1. No backseat gaming/help. I will ask for any help I require. Poor execution =/= help required. 2. No lewd or crude comments. PG-13 for the chat. Mods may do differently but unless you're a mod you are not exempt from this rule. 3. Any harassment towards me or anyone else is an insta-ban that will not be removed. 4. Anything not listed here has a one-warning system before a ban.

Streaming Schedule

Tuesday Evenings: Shorter stream Saturday Mornings: Longer stream, this is the most likely time for me to do speedruns. (Last Updated: April 22, 2020)

Speedrunning Personal Bests (PBs)

Final Fantasy IV: * Paladin% (SNES) - 01:01:32 * Any% noCW (SNES) - 02:10:07 * Any% no64 (SNES) - 03:55:08 * Any% (SFC) - 03:19:15 Final Fantasy VI: * Kefka @ Narshe: 01:29:33 Final Fantasy VII: * PC Any% (Free FPS) - 02:47:07 * PC Any% (FPSFIX) - 02:49:19 Final Fantasy Legend II * Any% Glitchless - 02:05:59 Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: * Any% - 02:37:49 (Last Updated: August 12, 2019)


I could not have gotten this far without the help and generosity of others. Here are some of the amazing folks who have done work for my channel: * SchalaKitty - for my netaraWink and netaraHug emotes, my beautiful Sub Badges, my channel banner, and my updated stream layouts * CursedAether - for making the base for my beautiful overlays and my NetaraAbsolutely emote * Vanni_van - for making my NetaraSaviour emote Thanks to them and all my wonderful Mods, Subscribers, and viewers. You all make this possible and so much fun <3