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Hi, I'm Neusse and I'm sleepy and forgetful. This is more of a "sitting on the couch with friends" vibe. If you're into whatever is going on here... Stay and hang out!


Welcome to this calm sleepy stream. I've found I find it more fun to play games in this social setting. There's no pressure to comment or stay watching if you get bored. Drop in and out whenever you please! The goal is to create a comfortable place to chat or just watch a game be played incorrectly. Yup. This stream is a constant work in progress and looks a little ragged right now tbh... But I'm working on stuff! Um... don't hesitate to use that suggestion box!

Big Thanks

So much of this stream wouldn't exist without the kindness from everyone. [Emyfails]( designed Nimbus (the mascot) and some of the emotes we use here. Emote credit can now be seen per emote if you click on them! [LocalSpaceBears]( designed the overlay elements and profile banner. [Maix795]( designed the bit badges. [allenuhh]( made the channel trailer! [Original Full-Length YouTube Version]( And I might be forgetting things tbh... If you see anything and want to know who made it just ask. People are pro's and constantly impress me with what they make around here.
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Click the image to get sent to the merch store. I have priced each product at cost. It's more important to me that the merch is accessible than that I make a profit. If you'd like to help support, there are other paths to do so. So buy yourself some comfy merch if you'd like!