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"Can this wait...? I'm in the middle of some calibrations..."Hullo! My name is RyAn. I play video games, and hang out with people. I have an affinity for dead things, creepy things, crows, and hammers. This will be on the test!

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Welcome to the Bone Gallery! If you're new here, hit the follow button so you can keep up with me when I get to streaming, I'll give a shoutout to new follows when I see them! Also, say hey in the chat, I love talking to you guys. I tend to variety stream, with a undead / eerie vibe usually. But that might change. Mainstays are Dead By Daylight and Hades.
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* My name is RyAn * From Rhode Island * I'm a jeweler / leather worker by day
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#1 - Don't be a dick #2 - Don't be a dick #3 - See rules #1 and #2 #4 - Keep chat in English - I only speak English I'll add more if we need em!
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Sound Alerts

You can also get sound scares by directly cheering for specific amounts! 5 bits - Foot Step 10 bits - Door Close 25 Bits - Quiet Ghost Breath 30 Bits - Creepy Humming 40 Bits - Loud Ghost Breath 45 Bits - Heartbeat 50 Bits - Eerie Ghost Groan