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Hi my name is Nick. (He/They) I'm a musician/composer who also really likes videogames and decided I'd try this streaming thing for fun! I mostly stream Fighting games and Soulsborne games, but will stream other stuff occasionally.

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Hi there. Welcome to the channel. I play mostly fighting games and Soulsborne games with other stuff thrown in. Might even do a music stream down the line. We've done a Luigi build of DS3 and might do one for Elden Ring at some point. I've mostly been focusing on music lately so I haven't been streaming as much, but I might stream soon or appear on a friend's stream in the future! I'm an anarchist and this channel is an extension of me. So that means; -This is an inclusive space so no racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia. You will be banned. -I will be expressing views you may disagree with such as anti-capitalist or anti-cop beliefs. If you don't like it, you're welcome to leave, but don't argue with me. If you're looking for education on things, type !anarchist in chat and a link will come up with an article I highly recommend you check out as a good 101. _This is a place of fun for everyone so be kind so we can keep it that way! :)

Chat Commands

Commands you can use in chat: SFX commands: !owow !die !tym !yousuck !pathetic !sad !cheer !boo !eww !aww !grasp !keep !stinks !heshot !gangsta, !ohnonono !youserious !stairs !bosses :This will bring up a list of bosses that have been beaten so far. !pronouns :We respect people's pronouns here and there is an extension for your browser that adds them. This command will bring up a link for a website that lets you add your pronouns to twitch chat! !anarchist :I'm an anarchist! And if you don't know exactly what that political belief entails, this command will bring up a very good and simple article that is a little 101 about that. It's called "Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!" by the late David Graeber. It's a very quick, decent introduction for those curious. :) !jeff :This will bring up a linktree to the awesome artist who did my emotes and profile pic, Jeff Beckman!


All the art you see, from my profile pic to my channel's emotes, were done by the amazing Jeff Beckman. Here's a link to all his info, go check him out!